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Everyone is pretty much happening!

The talks at the Castle Keep have been confirmed on their website so time to rehearse in front of the mirror - not the prettiest of sights I'll admit!

On top of that, I've been lined up to do a further book for a film club based at Gateshead Library, where the Caemdon Hall room is a perfect venue. I've been there to see crime writer Peter James & country singer Kinky Friedman.

The talk will take place on Friday 18 May so hopefully I can get just as many troops in for moral support!

While waiting on a couple of potential talks for the Historical Society & the Women's Institute, I've provided a piece on the Keep talks for the web edition of NARC Magazine. Will keep you informed when it comes out.

Finally, I drove to Jarrow to take part in a radio interview for Diane Gray at the Community Arts Project North-East. Now that was great fun to do. Once it gets edited, it should be out on the internet soon. Once again I'll keep you informed.

In the meantime its back on the bass guitar. Old Man Goat has a private gig to kick-start what should be a busy month for me.

Watch this space folks!

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