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Are You Reading Cursed Horror Stars?

What is harder for a writer? Writing an actual book or article, or sustaining a weekly blog? I’ll go for the latter for now, because I’m still new at this, plus I want to let all my fans know what I’m up to (I hope they are both reading this!). Well, the North-East arts magazine The Crack has sorted an advert out for Cursed Horror Stars. It’ll be in the magazine’s January edition, which will be out in December (!?!). A book review will follow in February’s edition – methinks a bit of bribery for that one!

Another nice bit of news – The Writer’s Magazine, which I’ve been subscribing to for many years, has accepted my 300 word piece about the book. It will be the February’s edition, which will be on sale in January (they like to be ahead of themselves these magazines!). The magazine has a subscriber’s page that focuses on the successes that regular subscribers like me have achieved. I may not be on the front cover of The Writer’s Magazine, but appearing in it is a very proud moment. The fact that it may attract new fans is also a must!

In the hope of promoting the book further I have recently emailed to BBC Radio Newcastle (who are always on the look-out for interesting local stories), The Evening Chronicle, which is a big local newspaper that covers most of the North-East, Cumbria and North Yorkshire, and the literary webmag New Writing North. Some friends have shared Cursed Horror Stars on Facebook & Twitter – thank you for your kindness. It’s most appreciated.

What will the future hold for me? As I have started to climb the ladder, I know I need to stay proactive if I’m going to continue upwards. But for now I can sit back a little and enjoy what I’ve achieved.

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