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Taking on The Literary World

Now that I am a published author, and like many published authors, I am ready to take on the literary world by sharing my thoughts regularly in a blog. I’m still taking in the amazing feeling I’ve had getting Cursed Horror Stars published and I’m excited to do write on it.

November marked the publishing date of my book so now it’s down to telling the Social Media world. Already I’ve plugged it on various horror movie related pages as well as informing the movie webmag Shadowlocked (I’ve written many articles for it over the years) and Marcus Brooks of the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society (PCAS). I was a fan of PCAS as a teenager and knew Marcus back then. Only a month ago we spoke for the first time in 35 years. It was nice he remembered me from all those years past. My Facebook page was recently created and already 100 victims…..I mean friends have joined. I hope many more will join so please “like” it and tell your friends and your enemies – since they’re not mine!

For future publicity I contacted the Writing Magazine, which I’ve subscribed to for many years. They have a subscriber’s page so I sent a 300 word piece about the book. Will keep you posted on any developments. In addition to that, the North East arts magazine The Crack will put an advertisement in the December issue with a review in next year’s edition. Please let it be a good one!

November is the National November Writers Month or NaNoWriMo, where many of my fellow pen pushers are trying to write as much as they can before the month ends. In my case it’s ProMoMyBo (Pro-Moting My Book) so for now I’ll just have to put that on hold.

This is my first (real) blog, and I’m really quite proud of it!!

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