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While I Wait, I Entertain

The weekly blog continues and I’m very much on a literary high with many friends congratulating me on my book. Without trying to sound smug or blow my own trumpet, it is a nice feeling of achievement when something like this happens. More so when people appreciate it.

The Crack Magazine have now placed an advertisement for Cursed Horror Stars in their January edition – postcard size, which I think is more than enough considering the striking book cover shows Robert Quarry baring his fangs in his signature role of Count Yorga. That should be enough to attract a few new readers around the North of England.

The Evening Chronicle also sent an email confirmation so hopefully they will consider an interview with me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to promote the book to a much larger local audience. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to talk about the book and let readers in on a few inside secrets.

With the Holidays getting in the way of life, I’m focusing my main plan of action for the New Year. I’ll be ordering my own copies of Cursed Horror Stars with the intention of having them available when giving talks to various writing groups and libraries. I’ve been penciled in for a possible talk at one of the North Tyneside libraries around March/April time. The Star and Shadow Film Club in Newcastle have also asked me to give a talk on Robert Quarry prior to a screening of some of his films. The group is currently looking for new premises so no date has been set.

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