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Rubbing Elbows

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook already, Cursed Horror Stars (the perfect Christmas gift folks!) is finally in The Crack Magazine. Being a local magazine that promotes a variety of gigs and events, The Crack gets circulated around most of the pubs, clubs, and music venues across the North East.

I’m still in liaison with Marcus Brooks of The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society. He has a few ideas on doing a promotion on his FB page. It’s a case of watch this space. We both go back many years so I know what ideas he’ll dream up will be good ones. Although I won’t appear in The Writing Magazine until next year, I’m glad to say Telos Publishing is featured in the January edition (that came out in December). It’s an excellent piece by Tina Jackson that explains what Telos is all about and the type of writers for which they are looking. It’s a great opportunity not only for writers to contact Telos with their book proposals, it also provides readers with a chance to check out and buy their books.

I met one of the New Writing North editors, Peter Cumiskey, a few days ago. He is involved in a cult film society at the Black Gate in Newcastle. Because the society arranges private screenings of many cult horror classics, he was interested in me doing a few talks and, after a brief but enjoyable chat with him, it looks like this could be a regular thing. I’ve been provisionally booked to do a talk on Saturday 11 February 2016 at the Great Hall of the Castle Keep in Newcastle, prior to a special screening of the Bela Lugosi classic White Zombie (1932). This will be my first talk on the subject, and a chance to really sell myself to an audience. One thing is certain for 2016, I’ll need to order a few books!

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