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The Talk at Castle Keep

Even though January has been spent promoting Cursed Horror Stars and working on my talk for the Anti-Valentine event at the Castle Keep in Newcastle, I’ve at least tried to focus on other stuff by writing a piece for the webmag Shadowlocked, my first article for quite a while. It’s a film review for the forthcoming horror flick You Are Not Alone, which is due out in February.

In the meantime, I’ve been featured in another article for the Newcastle Chronicle regarding the event. This one is online only, but I put it on my Facebook page if you fancy checking it out. Warning: tickets are selling well so please get one as soon as possible. (Edit: This event is now sold out!)

This also coincides with a further article from NARC Magazine promoting the event. This is a local webmag that covers all music, film, theatre and literary events across the North East of England.

With my talk getting closer, I spoke with organiser Peter Cumisky a few days ago to sort out a couple of things. I finally got a guided tour of the Great Hall. WOW!!! The place is absolutely perfect to give a talk on one of American Gothic’s great icons. I’m sure Lugosi and even Count Dracula would approve of the Hall’s medieval splendour and creepy atmosphere. It will make my talk all the more exciting. Sadly the place hasn’t got WIFI, but I will bring my camera. Suggestions on what I should wear for the event will be appreciated!

The Castle Keep is supposed to be haunted (the place holds organised ghost walks). If that is the case I would like to think that the spectre of Bela Lugosi will turn up on the night. If he does, he would certainly be made welcome by an appreciative audience!

So it’s all go at the moment!

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