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Anti-Valentine’s Talk

With the Anti-Valentine / Bela Lugosi talk coming up, I’ve been pretty much focused on preparation. I sorted out a makeshift lectern, which consists of my music stand placed on a coffee table. With easier access to my notes, I can recite my talk in front of a mirror. Scary to put it mildly, but at least I’m trying to get it right!

While counting down to the Lugosi event I’ve had a couple more interesting offers. The first came from Ema Lea, organiser of the Whitley Bay Film Festival, which is held every August. Ema got in touch and asked if I could do a talk at this year’s festival. Naturally I am more than delighted. After a brief but very pleasant chat on the phone, we’ve arranged to meet up with a few more people to discuss it in more detail. As well as being a film fan, Ema is also a musician.

Let’s hope she can make my buskers night at the Benton Ale House! Everyone says I run an excellent buskers and the more musicians who show up, the more jam sessions we can have!

The second offer is from that old stalwart from New Writing North Peter Cumiskey, who is doing an excellent job organising the Lugosi event. Well low and behold, by popular demand I have another Lugosi talk in March. Well I’m certainly up for it, but let’s see how the first one goes; the audience may have rotten tomatoes at the ready!

Hopefully I’ll be going to the Swanwick Writers Retreat this August, and since it’s my first Swanwick as a published author, I hope to use the retreat’s book room to sell Cursed Horror Stars. Perhaps the organisers have other plans for me. So I guess I’ll be ordering a few more books.

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