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What Happened to the Ghost?

Did the ghost of Bela Lugosi come to the Castle Keep? Was the ghostly apparition photographed at my previous talk the man himself? Well if it was, our spectre friend failed to show up for my second talk at the Keep. Not surprising since he’s heard it all before!

By popular demand I more or less did a rerun of my talk, but this time to a different audience prior to the screening of White Zombie. I have to admit the Keep was a lot less cold than last time.

Not only did it go down well, the local webmag I<3NCL featured a review of the event written by Adam Herron who singled out my own performance that night. I never really thought of myself as having a dry sense of humour, so I must be doing something right. One thing is certain; I’ll be lined up for a few more talks at the Keep.

The poster for the forthcoming Screen-Con Festival is now out on FB with yours truly appearing on it – right next to Yoda! So I’m going to have to start pointing out to people which one is me! Organiser Al Elliott recently got in touch with me regarding my participation in the event. It looks like its going to be an interview followed by a questions and answer session. Can the dry sense of humour repeat its magic here? There’s only one way to find out.

The festival will also give me a chance to (hopefully) meet the beautiful actress Caroline Munro, a veteran of both the James Bond series and Hammer horror. I had a massive crush on her as a teenager and when I met her a few years back at the Whitley Bay Vampire Festival, I’ll admit without embarrassment to going week at the knees. I’m still a teenager at heart!

Spring is here so with the lighter and warmer evenings coming, I ready to go onwards and upwards.

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