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Jason Voorhees endorses Cursed Horror Stars

The last time I was at Parks Sports Centre in North Shields, I played an away match for NESLC Badminton Club (we probably lost!). That was several years ago. My next trip to Parks was May 28 where I was promoting Cursed Horror Stars for the Screen-Con Festival. I have to admit the event was a most amazing experience.

One can only say so much in a 300 word blog, and there is no way I could described the incredible atmosphere of the place as I arrived with my books to meet the wonderful Al Elliott, who organised the whole thing – and very well too. After being shown to my own stall, I had a chance to look around the place before the crowds came in. Everything was there – Dr Who, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, toys, games, books and assorted memorabilia. And the people themselves, a wonderful group of individuals, all looking resplendent in costume, whether they were storm troopers or super heroes.

Among the major guests at the convention were actors Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf), Ian Whyte (Game of Thrones) and my favourite, the lovely Caroline Munro, who I meet five years ago at the Whitby Vampire Weekend. She is a very warm and gracious lady who always has time for her fans. It was a joy to meet her again, and she was most interested in my book.

There was plenty on, and our two hosts for the day got to interview the guests, present the various competitions and generally kept everything running smoothly. Not an easy task but thanks to the many hard working volunteers, you could not ask for a better day. It all starts from the top. Well done Al!!!!!

When my turn came, my well rehearsed talk about Cursed Horror Stars quickly went out the window when I started ad-libbing. Give me a microphone and I’ll rule the world! It certainly had the effect of selling a few books, but more importantly I made several great new friends as well as lining up a couple of interesting opportunities. I won’t go into too much for now. Part of running a blog is to keep people guessing!

One thing I will say, The Screen-Con Festival is worth going to. It was a worthwhile experience for me, and one I’ll remember for a long time.

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