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The Waiting Game

Been a while since the last blog, and for the most part its been a bit of a waiting game. At the moment the Whitley Bay Film Festival (August) and The Books on Tyne (November) are being organised, and I’m glad to report that my place in both events has been confirmed.

They are quite big events too so it can only do wonders for my profile and of course that of my book. I’ve been regularly in touch with Chris Phipps for the WBFF and David Hepworth for BoT so its all going smoothly. Chris is hoping to sort out something with BBC Radio Newcastle, who are actively involved with the WBFF. I’ll be keeping you up to date on what is happening so watch this space.

I’m also counting down to the Swanwick Writers’ Retreat in August. It’ll be my first as a published author so I’ll be having books at the ready.

But even though I’m waiting around for these I’ve not let the grass grow under my feet. I’ve written two articles for Dark Chapters and The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society. In return they will plug my book on their webpages. Again watch this space.

Finally I managed to get a spot on the Metro Unleashed event on 26 June at the Lancastrian Suite in Gateshead. Its a last minute thing so I’m not actually a guest speaker. I sorted myself out a stall to sell a few books. Always worth taking advantage of the opportunity.

Once again I returned to the Castle Keep for a special screening of Ken Russell’s Gothic. This was followed by a Q&A session with screenwriter Stephen Volk and writer David Pirie (author of A Heritage of Horror). It was fascinating stuff. It was also great to meet up with Stephen Laws and Kris Atkinson again.

Will keep you posted.

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