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Productive August

Its been a while since the last blog, but as always, life gets in the way. However that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy regarding writing and book promoting.

Two of my articles have been published within days of each other, and naturally I am thrilled as it always helps with the book publicity.

The First of these was published courtesy of Dark Chapters Press; my thanks to Rob McEwan and Jack Rollins. We met at Screen-Con as few weeks ago and impressed by my performance on stage, asked me to contribute a piece for their blog. Of course I was more than happy to do so.

Part one of my guest blog covered my love of horror films as a child and how I finally got to write Cursed Horror Stars. This will certainly come in handy for my Books on Tyne talk in November. Part two paid tribute to Sir Christopher Lee. It been a year since the great man’s death, but his legacy will live on long after mere mortals like me are dead and gone!

My second guest blog was thanks to Marcus Brooks of the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society. I’ve know Marcus one and off for over 30 years and after a long absence, we caught up once more. He asked me to write a piece about the film roles that our mutual movie hero Peter Cushing had turned down during his long career and what prevented him taking on what could have been career defining performances.

Marcus also wrote a brief but very enthusiastic review of my book and provided both my blog details along with the link to Telos Publishing.

With all that out the way I am gearing myself up for my trip to the Swanwick Writers Retreat. This will be my first Swanwick with a published book so with further copies ordered from Telos, I’m ready for a full frontal (oooer) assault on the book room. I’ve got my programme and have chosen the courses I want to do. Plus plenty of evening events including my buskers night.

And finally, on my return from Swanwick, The Whitley Bay Film Festival. I’ll be at St Mary’s Lighthouse on 16th August discussing my book prior to a special screening ofTales of Terror (1962).

Looking forward to that one!

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