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Telos Publishing Endorses Cursed Horror Stars – Naturally!

There has been a couple of big moments for me that has added to a (so far) memorable writing (and musical) year.

The Copthorne Hotel in Newcastle played host to the Dimensions Event, which is all things Dr Who. It was also a golden opportunity for me to meet the people who published Cursed Horror Stars – David Howe of Telos Publishing and his lovely wife Sam Stone. Both were attending the event; Telos has produced several Dr Who related books.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting such a wonderful couple, and to thank them both personally for giving me this an extraordinary chance. We had a jolly good chat about everything from books to music – I bought a CD recorded by Sam’s daughter Linzi Gold, which I’m playing as I write. It compliments the kind of off-beat type of music I’ve listened to over the last few years.

Telos Publishing really cares for their writers, and I think that sets them apart. They saw my potential and built on that. I guess its not surprising since David and Sam are both successful writers, so they are more than understanding. If there was a highlight to 2016, its meeting the people who believed in me. Thanks a million!

Also on the writing front, The Newcastle Book Festival is all set for the end of November with Books on Tyne events staged at both Newcastle City Library and the Lit and Phil centre – guest writers and a variety of (mainly local) subjects and genres for all readers to check out.

I’ll be doing my talk on Tuesday 22 October at Newcastle City Library. It’ll be held at the Bewick Hall Conference Hall and tickets are just £3.00. Now there’s value for money! So it looks I’ll be preparing for my forthcoming talk instead of writing during NaNoWriMo.

Seriously this to me is a big event and one I’m taking very seriously.

To end this blog, I’m letting you know I’ve joined a rock band as a bassist. We’ve just started rehearsals so its early days. And thankfully I won’t be singing!!

Until next time.

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