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Happy New Writing Year

2016 has been amazing for me. For this blog, I will briefly cover the year’s events and thank those who made it possible.

The beginning of 2016 I put an advertisement in The Crack Magazine, and led led to an important meeting with Chris Phipps, who got me involved in two major events. A big thank you for that mate.

February I did my first talk at the Castle Keep. It was on Bela Lugosi; even his ghost turned up for that one! It introduced me to Peter Cumisky of New Writing North and his mad gang at the Castle. It was an amazing experience and popular enough to warrant another talk on Mr Lugosi – no ghost this time! As this has led to further talks, I’m indebted to Peter for what he has done for me.

February also got me on the subscribers page of The Writing Magazine, where I provided a 300 word piece on my book and how I got published.

Through Chris Phipps, I met Ema Lea & Simon Fitzpartrick, organisers of the Whitley Bay Film Festival. I was invited to be a guest at a special screening of Tales of Terror at St Mary’s Lighthouse. Chris also got me involved in the Newcastle Book Festival as well as a guest spot on Radio Newcastle to promote WBFF. My thanks to all three of you for this extraordinary opportunity.

May was the Screen Con event at Parks Leisure Centre. I got my own stall, went on stage to do a bit of promoting, and met some wonderful new friends. I even met my teenage crush Caroline Munro. Thanks Al Elliott for getting me involved in that.

Back to the Castle Keep once more for a special screening of Witchfinder General as part of a Q&A panel with Author Stephen Laws, historian Jo Bath & event organiser Kris Atkinson. It was a lot of fun and a pleasure to take part in. Thanks Kris.

Following an enjoyable stint at Metro Unleashed, I was off to the Swanwick Writers Retreat, my first as a published author so it was a big moment. Thanks to all my Swanwick friends who supported me.

As soon as I was back from Swanwick, I did my Radio Newcastle interview and I was off to St Mary’s Lighthouse, where Chris interviewed me prior to the screening of Tales of Terror. I could get used to this!

October was an important month as my trip to a Dr Who convention at the Copthorne Hotel in Newcastle introduced me to David Howe of Telos Publishing and his lovely wife Sam Stone – a truly lovely couple to know. My thanks to them both and to David’s Telos partner Steve Walker for giving me this wonderful chance.

Returning the favour, I attended Chris’ talk on his book Forget Carter, and this was also a golden opportunity to meet David Hepworth, organiser of the Newcastle Book Festival. A lovely man to know. Thanks mate for giving me this chance to talk about my book.

That very talk at the Newcastle Central Library was the highlight of 2016, especially as my mum was in the audience. It was a proud moment for her and her support has been incredible. Thanks mum.

Rounding off the year I did a talk on Basil Rathbone at the Black Gate. I couldn’t think of a better way to end 2016. My thanks to all the people I got to meet this year; I regard you all as friends.

I reserve my greatest thanks to the most remarkable person I have ever met. You know who you are and you’re with me forever. Thank you.

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