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Winter is coming to an end, Storm Doris (not a name to inspire terror!) has been and gone, and the days are getting lighter. Now is the time to plan the writing year.

I’ve made a few enquiries regarding possible talks, and no doubt Peter Cumisky will keep me busy at the Castle Keep for their many wonderful movie events. However the main focus is the Swanwick Writers’ Retreat of 2018.

This is my first year on committee and my job is to sort out the evening events. After all, its not all work.

Among the evening events we hope to stage includes the fancy dress disco (which always has a specific theme), a prose open mic and a poetry open mic to encourage literary creativity. Of course my own buskers night will be on for all you singers and musicians in attendance.

Another main event is the Page-to-Stage, where budding playwrights can get the chance to see their work on the stage. Its also a golden opportunity for actors and directors to bring these mini Broadway epics to life. It remains one of the most popular events at Swanwick.

And finally we have the famous dregs party! This is where we all get to dress up in tuxedos and cocktails dresses, turn up on the lawn with what’s left of the wine, beer, pringles, nuts etc that we brought with us for the week, so it can all be consumed prior to dinner. I think I’ll volunteer to tend bar!

So if you’re a budding writer, get booked up ASAP. You’ll be with people on the same wavelength.

Our next committee meeting will confirm everything. Will keep you posted.

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