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Round in Circles & Writers Circles Part 2

Its countdown to the Black Sunday event at the Castle Keep. The books I’ve ordered have arrived, and I’m reading up a bit on Mario Bava, so raring to go.

In the meantime I’ve kept myself busy with my assorted music nights, which included meeting up with my dear friends from the States Tommy Bentz, Jason McLean & Alex Burgess AKA The Tommy Bentz Band, who were out on their UK tour & were playing at the Benton Ale House.

It was great catching up with the boys, and their performance at the Benton was nothing short of superb. I’ve written a gig review for The Crack Magazine; it should make July’s edition. You know, they all have copies of my book – The Tommy Bentz Band endorses Cursed Horror Stars!

In addition to seeing Tommy & the boys, I met up once more with Jennifer Wilson who was promoting her new book Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile at the Town Wall in Newcastle. Book launches are such wonderful fun, and Jen clearly had a super time with friends and family supporting her. Well done Jen!

I’ll be at the Castle Keep as a hired help for the screening of Francis Coppola’s overblown version of Dracula so it’ll be a chance to see if there’s any talks lined up for this year. Its a great place to go. Perhaps Bela Lugosi’s ghost may return!

Watch this space!

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