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Old Man Goat is Here!!!!!!

Been a while since I've been blogging, so time to tell you all what has been happening. For starters I have a brand new blog page, and me being the ultimate technophobe, its gonna be a while to get the hang of it.

Although I am still focusing on completing Book 2, a lot of my time has been taken up with my other venture - performing in a rock band.

Old Man Goat is a five piece rock band consisting (from left to right) of Steve Wouldhave (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), John Douglas (drums, backing vocals), Nick Walker (lead guitar), yours truly (bass guitar) & Joe Florek (lead guitar). We specialise in rock covers. Steve is one of my regular buskers at the Benton Ale House, and I was quite flattered that he asked me to join the band on bass, since my actual playing is rudimentary at best. We've spent the best part of the year rehearsing at a local studio.

The name of the band was my idea! It was taken from a song by an excellent Americana band called The Rainbow Girls. I hope they like it!

Our first gig is at the Benton Ale House on Saturday 11 November at 5:00 pm. Wish us luck by showing your support.

Catch ya later!

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