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Vampire Weekend & Old Man Goat

Back to the blog again with a couple of eventful evenings.

Firstly it was a trip to the recently refurbished People's Theatre to watch a new adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

All done on a single set, this is a quite effective version that follows the novel. The fact it there was only one set added to the claustrophobic tension of the piece with performances extremely good.

The next big thing for me was the long awaited debut of Old Man Goat at the Benton Ale House, and what a debut it turned out to be.

There was a great turn out for the evening and this probably added to our performance, which I must say was first rate. The audience response was positive and as a result we have a Xmas gig at the Benton coming soon.

In addition to the Xmas spot, the band has already been lined up for a few gigs in the New Year, so in addition to being a writer, I can now consider myself a musician.

Of course I still have my Monday night buskers at the Benton, plus a Tuesday one at the Poachers Pocket in Whickham.

Please get along to them!

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