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Roll on 2018!

I'll admit that other than a couple of talks, and a couple of book launches, and of course Swanwick, my writing year hasn't quite equalled what was an amazing 2016.

But that doesn't mean I've been inactive. For starters I've been working on book 2. No details of the subject matter - only a couple of close friends know - but it is based on an article I wrote for Shadowlocked a while back , which I thought could be expanded into book form.

Seems to have worked really well. Watch this space folks!

The main thing I've been doing has been music. My buskers night at the Benton Ale House in Newcastle is still going strong; coming up to three years. We're back on 8 January so get practising!

And while two other buskers nights I ran at the start of the year have folded, I started another at The Poachers Pocket in Dunston, which went off to a very start. We're resuming on 23 January.

The rest of the year was focusing on Old Man Goat. So far we had two very well received gigs at the Benton Ale House, and are now taking a step further with a gig at The Ship Inn on 6 January. Everyone welcome. So what are my plans for 2018. For starters I will focus on improving my bass playing for forthcoming gigs (we've got a couple more lined up). There's a couple of unconfirmed book related events coming up in the New Year, and I hope to get back into doing a few book talks.

And naturally finish book 2 As I've said in previous posts over the years - watch this space!!!

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