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Keep On Rocking Don't Bother Knocking!

New Year's Resolution: WRITE MORE BLOGS!

Well, Old Man Goat had it try-out nights at the Police Club House in Newcastle, and of course two great gigs at the Benton Ale House.

Now its time to venture out into the unknown!

Our next gig was at the Ship Inn in Newcastle, and this was the chance to break out the comfort zone of the previous venues. It turned out to be a very good night, and I think the change in venue and a different audience added more edge to our performance.

With another good gig behind us, we then ventured to the Bell and Bucket, North Shields.

Although it was a much smaller audience, this gig was a lot of fun, and everyone was pretty laid back. I think this improved our performance immensely.

Our next gig is at the Engineers Club, Walsend. Looking forward to seeing you.

As for my other career, I'm still working on book 2. I've passed the 120,000 word mark with three chapters to go.

So in addition to looking for gigs in the Newcastle area, I've been looking for venues for my book talks, and have an event in Whitby in April. So watch this space folks!

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