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A Pint of Absinthe

The year has got off to a fab start with landing a book stall at the Absinthe Goth Festival in Whitby, the holiday home of Bram Stoker's King of the Undead.

My thanks to organiser Kirstin Lavender for taking me on board, and introducing me to the music of Saigon Blue Rain, one of the amazing bands I'll be seeing.

The Goth culture is linked with Steampunk and of course vampires so I'll be meeting lots of interesting people. Looks like I'm in for an awesome weekend.

In addition to Absinthe, I will be returning to the place where I did my first book talk, the Castle Keep in Newcastle.

After getting in touch with David Silk at the Keep, we've arranged several talks. Things are yet to be confirmed but I can provide the provisional dates of my talks.

Wednesday 11 April: I be giving my talk about Cursed Horror Stars and my journey as an author. It'll probably be at the Black Gate.

Saturday 14 April: I'll be giving a talk at the Keep on Lon Chaney Junior, followed by a screening of his film Son of Dracula (1943).

Saturday 12 May: My talk will be on Basil Rathbone, followed by a screening of his Sherlock Holmes film The Scarlet Claw (1944)

Saturday 9 June: The talk will be on Peter Lorre, followed by the screening of his breakthrough movie M (1932).

Saturday 14 July: I'm going back to my original talk on Bela Lugosi, followed by a screening of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948).

Saturday 18 August: My final talk (for now) will be on Robert Quarry, followed by a screening of Count Yorga Vampire (1970)

In addition to the book talks, Old Man Goat are still going strong so here's the list of our Newcastle gigs so far.

The Engineers Club: 17 February

The Lochside: 3 March

The Ship Inn: 26 May

The Black Bull: 1 June

The Ship Inn: 6 October

Not so much a blog as a gig guide!

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