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Looks like the Absinth Goth Festival is really taking shape with events, stalls and the all-important music falling into place.

It is really amazing to see my name on the list of stalls at the Dark Days Alternative Market. Perhaps I should be an honorary Goth!

All thanks to the amazing work of Kirstin Lavender, who will probably be knocking back the absinth by the bottle!!!!

So while I'm waiting impatiently to crack on with my book talks at the Castle Keep, so I can shamelessly advertise me, I've ordered a few books for the upcoming events and sorted out my notes - plenty of time to rehearse in the mirror!

And of course the band plays on! Old Man Goat are starting to make an impression around the North Tyneside area.

Our gig at the Engineers Club, Wallsend on 17 February went down a storm as we played to a packed crowd. It also makes a nice change performing on a stage.

Our next gig will be on 3 March at The Lochside Pub, and with a private gig held on 7 April marking our singer/front man Steve's retirement, it looks like April is going to be a busy month with two book talks and the Absinth Goth Fest in reserve.

Watch this space folks!


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