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The Ultimate Musical Bank Holiday!

English Bank Holidays aren't just great for the extra day off work, there's plenty going on in Newcastle, and this particular Bank Holiday there was glorious weather and amazing live music.

May 26 marked the return of Old Man Goat to The Ship Inn, Newcastle. It was nice to be performing after a long break, and this was one of our best gigs so far, the feedback being extremely positive - lots of women up dancing! Always a good sign!

May 27 was the chance to bask in glorious sunshine at The Schooner, Gateshead with one of the North-East's most popular bands, The Ska-Toons. If, like me, you grew up with Madness, Bad Manners, The Specials & The Beat, these guys will guarantee teenage nostalgia so get out your pork pie hats, Doc Martin boots, and Nutty Dance away!!!

The highlight of the weekend was The Ouseburn Blues Festival, which took place at The Tyne Bar, one of Newcastle's most popular music venue. Kicking off the fest was my dear friend Tommy Bentz, making his debut at the Tyne. As usual, Tom's guitar playing does not disappoint for one minute.

When Tommy is in Newcastle, his loyal fans always comes together, all of us great friends, and many of whom I haven't seen in a long while, so it was like a joyful class reunion as we sipped the real ale in the hot sun while listening to Tommy doing what he does best.

With Tommy finishing his stint, the blues continued on with quality slide guitarist Chris Watkins. Good stuff and worthy of this year's Americana Festival.

Finally, we heard an astounding live set from the Gerry Jablonski Band. Absolute brilliance from start to finish, and rounding off one amazing day of live music.

Tommy's next Newcastle gig is on June 1 at The Lindisfarne Club in Walsend. Sadly it clashes with Old Man Goat's gig at The Black Bull in Longbenton - what a bummer! But we're having dinner at friend's house prior to both gigs, a great time to catch up before he heads back to America.

You rock bud!!!!

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