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Cursed Horror Stars comes to Newcastle

With the unusually hot weather sweeping the UK and people also caught up with some obscure football competition, my rare trip to Newcastle took me to the city's famous Grainger Market.

The Grainger Market is an indoor venue consisting of shops and cafes. It also provides stalls for smaller businesses to sell their stuff. I was asked by my friend Hilary Anderson to help co-run a stall with her.

Hilary's business Labour of Love specialises in handmade fashion and home accessories. She's keen to branch out to Goth orientated stuff, and naturally I'm keen to help her with this new venture.

Now I know what its like to be in an oven!!!!

The very hot weather turned the Grainger Market into a sauna so the sales of cold drinks and ice cream shot up. The lack of fresh air and some footie match kept a few people away.

Still, we did pretty well. I shifted a few books and Hilary did the same with her wonderful accessories. It was a fun day running a stall, and it was certainly nice to get home and enjoy a cold real ale.

My next gig is on Saturday 14th July at the Castle Keep where I'll be revisiting Bela Lugosi once more. Let's hope his ghost returns!

Also have a possible venue for future talks. I'll be meeting someone about it so in the meantime, like I always say, WATCH THIS SPACE!


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