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Swanwick 2018

The high point of 2018 finally arrived with my annual visit to the Swanwick Writers Retreat. This year is special because not only is this the 70th anniversary of the Retreat, its my 10th year. And a lot has changed in my life over those 10 years!

I certainly had my work cut out this year. One of the most popular evening events is the Buskers Night, which I've been running for the past 7 years. Over the years we have had many incredible performers, and this year proved to be the best one yet.

One of the musical events I organise - something I try to do back home - is get a band finale going. Its proved a huge success. I won't go into it too much as fellow Swanwicker Steve Barnett has filmed all individual performances. Watch this space folks - you'll see some good stuff!

Getting a band together isn't the easiest things to do, but we did it, and my thanks to the wonderful musicians and backing singers who made the band effort all the more amazing.

That's not all! In addition to the music, I even got involved in one of the stage productions performed at the retreat. It was my first stage role since my participation in a primary school production of Rumplestiltskin; I played a tree and my performance was pretty wooden!!!!!

Finally we had the famous Dregs Party, a chance for the guys to put on their tuxes, the ladies to put on their posh frocks, and bring their left over wine, beer, Pringles etc. and finished the lot off on the main lawn before dinner. Not a bad way to end the evening.

Not quite! We also had an awards ceremony for the stage performers (I didn't win anything!). We also had a musical finale which I co-organised. So much for a quite, laid back week!

Not much more to be said other than the fact I had an amazing time, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I shall, as a did last time, leave you with a picture of me surrounded by beautiful women!

Come September, Old Man Goat with be back on the gig circuit, plus a very special event I'll be attending in November. Will let you know in good time!

Watch this space folks!

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