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The Return of Old Man Goat

With Swanwick behind me, it was back to working on the edits on my second book and explore a potentially interesting idea for a third. The place is an inspiration. However this blog focuses more in what's been happening to me musically.

I've seen a fair few bands over the last couple of months. August Bank Holiday Sunday was another blues festival at the Tyne Bar in Ouseburn. The line-up here was The George Shovlin Band, Old Man's Backie (below) and The Mitch Laddie Band (above). All of whom were excellent.

For the record Mitch Laddie will be teaming up with the Tommy Bentz Band at the South Shields Blues Festival on 30th September. This will be an event worth watching.

Our next visit was the King Bees (below) at Billy Bootleggers in Newcastle. They had previously played at the Tyne Bar when there was a surprise visit by the great Steve Van Zandt, who was touring and was staying in a hotel near the Tyne Bar. When he heard the music, naturally he checked it out!

They were superb at both venues. It was at Billy Bootleggers I enjoyed a hot apple pie moonshine. Very smooth but don't down it in one!

Thrown in for good measure were Night Train (above) at Trillians in Newcastle and the Sour Mash Trio at The Cluny in Ouseburn and El Camino (below) at the Bandling Villas in Gosforth

But the band you've all been waiting for is back with a vengeance! Old Man Goat Returns!

After a lengthy break, the Goats were back to gigging with a live spot at the Bell and Bucket in North Shields. Nice to be performing again! Our next gig will be at the Real Deal Rally on Saturday 15th September at the Heather Lad Inn in Durham. Bit of a bikers bar so I hope we fit in.

Will keep you posted on what's happening. Watch this space!

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