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Meeting Victoria Price

Yes its been a while since my last blog, but one of my New Year's resolution is to try & keep it going through 2019 can I achieve it? I'll admit I have been busy doing quite a lot of stuff that has kept me away. Firstly being away to see my friend Karen in Dover, and this eventful time included a trip to Whitstable, home of Peter Cushing.

The end of the year I stepped down as bassist from Old Man Goat although I'm continuing as sound man. No hard feelings with the guys but I'm not really a good enough rock bassist

For horror fans, I met someone very important!

On 14 November 2018, I went to an event organised by the Darlington Film Club. It was a retrospective on Vincent Price, & the the guest speaker was his daugher Victoria Price! To good an opportunity to pass up!!

The talk took place at Darlington Forum, an excellent film and music venue. Armed with two copies of Cursed Horror Stars, I gave a one to event organiser James Watson and the other to Victoria – signed of course!

Following an excellent introduction by James, we watched a special screening of The Pit and the Pendulum (1961). Following the screening, there was a brief recess, and that was when I finally met Victoria, who was signing copies of Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography, and her father’s book Cooking Price-Wise.

A darling lady who had time for her father’s fans, meeting and chatting with her for a few minutes was more than I could ever wish for. Signing her copy of Cursed Horror Stars proved difficult for me, so much so I apologised for my awful scrawl handwriting. With gracious good humour, she pointed out that her mother’s handwriting was dreadful too! When I told her I was working on a book about her dad, she was thrilled to bits!

Victoria’s talk was informative, enlightening and entertaining. Full of warmth and humour, and more importantly, a great love and respect for her father, and the legacy he left to his fans, she is very much a ‘Daddy’s Girl,’ and proud of it!

After the talk, she graciously answered questions that included her dad’s use of a washing machine to prepare fish for cooking, and having tea with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing!

Meeting Victoria Price is one of the highlights of my life, and I will always treasure the few minutes I shared with her.

I hope she likes the book!

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